ASUS G57JX Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 8.1 64Bit

Now you can get ASUS G57JX Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 8.1 64Bit. Find out your most important drivers like Audio,  BIOS, Chipset, ATK, Card reader,  Bluetooth, VGA and many more from the given details list.

Let’s choose your favorite drivers / software and download it for your ASUS G57JX.

1. BIOS Driver
File Title: BIOS 204 Update nVidia’s VBIOS
Last Updated: 2015/04/23
File Version: 204
File Size: 2.28 MBytes
File Name: G550JXAS204
File Type: Zip

2. Chipset Driver
File Title: Intel INF Update Driver
Last Updated: 2014/11/17
File Version: V10.0.22
File Size: 2.66 MBytes
File Name: Chipset_Intel_Win81_64_VER10022
File Type: Zip

3. ATK Driver
File Title: ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities
Last Updated: 2014/09/17
File Version: V1.0.0037
File Size: 12.8 MBytes
File Name: ATKPackage_Win81_64_VER100037
File Type: Zip

4. Audio Driver
File Title: Realtek Audio Driver
Last Updated: 2015/02/11
File Version: V6.0.1.7417
File Size: 199.28 MBytes
File Name: Audio_Realtek_G501JW_G550JX_Win81_64_VER6017417
File Type: Zip

5. Video Driver
File Title: nVidia Graphics Driver
Last Updated: 2015/04/02
File Version: V9.18.13.4752
File Size: 407.46 MBytes
File Name: VGA_nVidia_Win81_64_VER918134752
File Type: Zip

6. LAN Driver
File Title: Realtek LAN Driver
Last Updated: 2013/10/28
File Version: V8.020.0815.2013
File Size: 5.9 MBytes
File Name: LAN_Realtek_Win81_64_VER802008152013
File Type: Zip

7. Card Reader Driver
File Title: Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver
Last Updated: 2013/10/28
File Version: V6.2.9200.39048
File Size: 10.72 MBytes
File Name: CardReader_Realtek_Win81_64_VER62920039048
File Type: Zip

8. Touchpad Driver
File Title: ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)
Last Updated: 2014/12/09
File Version: V3.0.10
File Size: 33.83 MBytes
File Name: SmartGesture_Win81_64_VER3010
File Type: Zip

9. Bluetooth Driver
File Title: Ralink BlueTooth driver
Last Updated: 2014/12/24
File Version: V11.0.759.0
File Size: 83.14 MBytes
File Name: Bluetooth_Ralink_Win81_64_VER1107590
File Type: Zip

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